Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes, both Power & Control and Remote Control Stations are manufactured for specific requirements either suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. These Junction Boxes are manufactured out of 2 or 2.5 mm. CRCA sheets with hinged doors, double doors and canopy for open execution.

  • Un-drilled removable gland plates are provided at the bottom & top.

  •  Earth studs are provided on either side.

  • Mounting brackets are provided suitable for wall/column mounting.

  • Terminals or Bus bars are provided in case of Junction Boxes are   mounted inside either horizontally or vertically Cable troughs are provided on either side of terminal block. The terminals are numbered and block numbers are inscribed inside & outside.

  • Unction Box Location if any and numbers are inscribed on the front door.

  • The operating and indicating components of RCS are mounted on the front door. In case of Open execution type, additional doors with water proof acrylic covering are provided.