A team of Service Engineers is available at call. The service personals experienced in field Jobs are deputed to any project site in India. The motto of our Company is to satisfy the end user of our products and hence the product; wherever designed by us are user friendly.


  •    The Products are tested as per relevant IS Specification with following test equipments

  •    Megger 1000V

  •    High Voltage test equipment 3KV-30KV

  •    Multi-Meters

  •    Variable power Supply 0-415V 3 Phase 8 Amps

  •    DC Power Supply 0-220V DC Variable

  •    Bus bar heat runs test facility up to 400AMPS

  •   Test Bench for Turbine monitoring Equipment


 A new test facility with all tests centrally controlled with test results by Computer is under development with following  features:

  •    Insulation resistance 1000V Motor operated Megger

  •    High voltage Test up to 30KV

  •    Real Current test up to 1600A

  •    Temperature Rise Test

  •    Performance Test with 0-415V AC, 0-220V DC

  •    Transformer Test

  •    Motor Test

  •    Over Load Relay Test

  •    Protection Relay Test

  •    CT Test

  •    General Purpose Electronic Equipment Test



 Shop built assemblies of Switchgear & Control gear 

 IS 8623

 LT Switchgear & Control gear Assemblies

 IEC 439

 General requirements for Switchgear & Control gear up to 1000 Volts

 IS 4237

 Marking and arrangement of Busbar, Main Auxiliary Wiring

 IS 375

 Code of practice for Phosphatizing Iron & Steel:

 IS 6005

 Degree of protection for enclosure: 

 IS 2147



The Fabricated Panel shells are pre-treated with the following SEVEN TANK PROCESS and Powder Coated with
Expert Work Force.

General pre-treatment process:-

 a)    De-greasing Process

 b)    Water Rinse

 c)    De-rusting

 d)    Water Rinse

 e)    Activation

 f)     Conversion Coating

 g)    Water rinse

De-greasing process: Chemical de-greasing process are applicable to mild steel, galvanized steel & Aluminum substrates. This process removes heavy or sticky oil grease like substances from any surface. Since all solvents are almost neutral they do not attack to the base metal. In this process the surface are to be cleaned are wiped with rag of cotton soaked in a suitable solvent such as kerosene, Benzene, Naptha etc.


Water Rinse: The De-greased shell shall be dipped in the tank of water and to soak. This process enables to remove dust particles and the solvent used for de-greasing

De-rusting process: Corrosion is common phenomenon for metals. Iron or steel when exposed to humid atmosphere the process is initiated resulting in rust formation. Rust is the oxide of iron which is adhered to the substrates. Rust is soluble in acid such as hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric acid, etc. Hence it can be removed by acid cleaning


Water Rinse: The De-rusted shell shall be dip in the tank of water and to be soaked. This enable to remove rust particles collected from the surface of shell.


Activation process: This process provides fine active crystal centers on the surface of the metal which ultimately results into fine phosphate coating layer in phosphating stage. This help to attain a uniform phosphate coating.


Phosphating: this is the method of metal pre-treatment. Phosphating consist of the deposition on the metal surface of insoluble metal phosphates which are actually chemically bonded to the substrate. Since this is a chemical reaction it gives good adhesion for paint film.


Water Rinse: The Phosphatised shell shall be dip in the tank of water and to be soaked. This enables to remove chemical particles from the surface of shell.





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