MIMIC Control Center

Mimic & Control Desks are designed and manufactured for particular applications. The Control Desks with operator friendly profiles floor mounted are manufactured out of 2mm.CRCA Sheets with basic frame structure and base frame made out of ISMC or Sheet Steel.

The Doors are with concealed hinges and, or lift off doors with handles. The doors are provided with neoprene gaskets for achieving required protection features. Un-drilled removable gland plates are provided with gaskets at bottom. Mimic diagrams made out of acrylic/FRP Sheets, rear painted with special protective coating having long life are our specialty.

The operating components like Push Buttons, Selector Switches etc.  Are mounted on the inclined horizontal facia, where as indicating instruments are mounted on inclined or vertical facia.

Terminals either front  or rear  approachable are at the bottom pedestal console Imported  compact Push  Buttons,  Selector Switches & Indicating Lamps are also used for reducing the space wherever necessary.

Mimic Lamps and Indicating Lamps with LED replaceable cluster lamps are our special feature. The lamps are guaranteed for 2 years with an assured general life span of eight years.

Components like Relays, Circuit Breakers etc. if any are mounted on the sides on mounting sheets. Isolated earth bus is provided in case of Programmable logic controllers (PLC) if accommodated in the desk.